Ben Kokólas

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Kalyan needed some artwork designed for them.

Kalyan is a Leeds based collaborative music group consisting of eight musicians and two producers. Through their cultural background, each member’s experience in music has lead to a combination of styles that shapes Kalyan’s unique sound.

Designs created to illustrate the ‘Extended Mind Thesis’.

A theory describing humanity’s symbiotic relationship to our devices which often function as an external extension to our minds.

Long shutter speed photography taken of my MIDI projection experiment.

I colour coded and mapped all the notes from a song I composed in MIDI and projected the results on a wall-mounted keyboard.

This allows a real-time visual representation of all the layers and their interactivity within the music.

 The experiment in action:

Superhuman can mean an improved human, for example, by genetic modification, cybernetic implants, or as what humans might evolve into, in the near or distant future. Occasionally, it could mean an otherwise “normal” human with unusual abilities, such as psychic abilities, flying abilities, unimaginable strength or exceptional proficiency at something, far beyond the normal.

Olympic athletes can be considered to have superhuman abilities. The Olympics represent what the peak of human physical fitness is. Every part of their training, from their diets to the exercise regimes are mathematically calculated and personalised in order to achieve peak efficiency.

This allows the athletes to achieve superhuman speeds and abilities that humans can never naturally achieve without this science based training. The athletes are therefore physically hyperreal.

The aim of this project was to produce image and (or) typographic responses to various forms of escapism.

I chose to focus on modern forms of escapism: Video games, comic books, holidays, texting and television.

Motion blindness (also known as akinetopsia) is a rare neuropsychological dissorderin which a patient cannot perceive motion in their visual field, despite being able to see stationary objects without issue. For patients with akinetopsia, the world becomes devoid of motion.

The brief was to create a poster to advertise a lecture at Brighton University by Seiko Kato, a freelance illustrator/artist.

I did not want to simply plonk her art in a poster with the text so I decided to approach the brief more creatively by projecting elements of her work onto corresponding card cutouts.